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PetroDiAC Background

Our Milestones list


Established in Netherlands in 1994, Headquarter in Houston, TX and in RAK, UAE since 2016.


Delivered more than 200 consultancy service projects for more than 50 customers worldwide. Strong foot print in MEA Region.


Established multiple engineering and technology alliances like J5 International, Gensuite, Immerse Reality, Quanta Process, Kaarin Brussard Engineering, etc…

Technology Integration

Establishing an engineering and technology integration center in Cairo, Egypt.

Operational Excellence

Focus on Operational Excellence, PMO, Operational Readiness and MOM.


PetroDIAC consultants are hands-on with operational and engineering backgrounds.

Critical Descisions

PetroDIAC provides technical excellence and operation excellence ensuring critical decisions are made with confidence.

Top Tier

Top tier consulting team working with clients to deploy industry best practices, supported by the right technologies to ensure reducing time-to-value and achieve sustainable performance.